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Inspired Proprietary Formula

While grocery shopping one evening back in 1991, I was really surprised to see such black, dirty pans being used in the bakery. A Chemist friend of mine told me it's very difficult to clean aluminum without damaging it.

Through a great deal of trial and error, he and I came up with a cleaning product that's biodegradable, food safe and doesn't damage aluminum. At that time I was naive enough to think that I was the only one in the world to think of cleaning bakery trays for a living.

The first baker whose pans I cleaned was very happy to have clean pans again, but he wanted to know why they weren't glazed. So that led to research on release coatings. Lo and behold, I found there IS a pan cleaning and glazing industry out there.

I was introduced to a retired glaze plant manager and we hit it off - and between his expertise and my enthusiasm to be self employed, All Brite Inc. Bakery Pan Cleaning and Glazing was born!

From that day forward, it’s been a matter of refining and fine tuning my services to the Baker’s needs.

Trusted Since 1991

Since 1991, our proprietary formula has been tested and trusted for over two decades by our long term, repeat, valued customers.

We are the only ones with this unique, proprietary formula. 

The picture below shows actual pans we get to date.  Our formula cleaned the right half of it to show you an example before and after.

Before and After Pictures

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