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" You guys always do such a great job and we all look forward to the clean equipment. Thanks again for taking care of us. See you next year! "

Sam Y. - Bakery District Manager, Lemek

 Friendly service, satisfied customers, and competitive prices on superior glazing!

Our non-caustic cleaner

We developed a non-caustic, biodegradable liquid to soak your pans and racks until they are thoroughly cleaned of burnt carbon, grease, oils, and all baking residue.

This gentle bakery rack and pan cleaning protects the surface of all pan type including aluminum, steel, and aluminum steel.

Our Ultra Coat Silicone Glaze then provides the best food release and visible shine.

We are the only ones with this unique, proprietary formula.

It's been tested and trusted for over two decades by our long term, repeat, valued customers.

Your customers will

* taste intended flavors

* smell pure aromas

* see clean pans

* know you care

 You will

* notice less baking time

* save money from stuck foods or baking paper

* save money on electricity

* reduce daily clean up

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